Your Doing Push-ups Wrong (FHTPP5)

Here’s Power Play number 5 where I was able to find some great posts discussing The correct way to perform push-ups and a planks.  These happen to also be great exercises to help with hockey conditioning. There is also a post about 10 reasons why women should strength train.  Check them out and give the exercises a try!


Push-ups: Your Doing Them Wrong

Dr. Joel Seedman, PhD of Advanced Human Performance has a great article about the proper way to perform a push-up, and surprise probably 95% of people perform it wrong or at the very least not in a way to get the greatest benefit.

Push-ups: Your Doing Them Wrong


10 Overlooked Reasons Why Every Women Should Strength Train

Nia Shanks from explains 10 reasons why women should weight train besides the usual “look better” default purpose.

10 Overlooked Reasons Why Every Woman Should Strength Train


Make Planks Harder and Better By Doing This!!!

And Finally I have Andrew Millett a Physiotherapist and blogger at From The Ground Up demonstrated the proper way to perform a plank to receive the core activation needed to for on the ice performance.

Make Planks Harder and Better By Doing This!!!




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