Upper Body Strength Training Is A Priority For Hockey Players, Or Is It?

I had a coach come to the gym the other day inquiring about some off ice hockey conditioning for his players for this upcoming season. The first thing he mentioned is that he was wanting his players to concentrate on upper body strengthening because they will be getting plenty of lower body strengthening on the…

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In Season Hockey Training

Summer’s over and you may not have had the hockey training off season of champions. There may have been travelling, full-time job, laying on the beach, etc. keeping you from participating in a consistent off ice conditioning program. Maybe procrastination set in and you just never seemed to get started for no good reason.  However…

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7 Tips For Developing an Off Ice Hockey Training Program

Developing An Off Ice Hockey Training Program When it comes to off ice hockey training the first thing that comes to mind is usually improving ones strength, and well it should be. However in every well-rounded hockey training program there are many other key points. These also need to be considered in order to assure…

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